"This 500 page book is the most complete catalog of the North shore mountains. While some might think they know all about the North Shore mountains, they will soon find there is an extensive history to these peaks. The authors have done extensive research into old club trip archives. And they also suggest many new destinations. The good thing about a book like this is it brings new life to some destinations that might otherwise be dismissed as not worthy of the effort."

Robin Tivy,

"Have you ever read a guidebook about your home city? If so, you could have easily judged if the authors gave the right recommendations about where to eat, what to see, and where to stay, or whether they were clueless or outdated.
My experience after reading this book was absolutely the former: In the past several years I climbed all the peaks featured in this book, and throughout reading it I felt in complete agreement with the route descriptions, the critical reviews, the various ratings of the peaks and features, and the overall attitude and culture this book is promoting for the North Shore mountains.
It is a comprehensive, educational, and inspiring manual to anyone who either wants to further her explorations into the guts of the North Shore mountains or to simply know more about their geography, geology, history and naming origin.
The authors detail the background and specifics of every peak in a rich and entertaining language, in a way that only someone who is inherently familiar and deeply passionate about it can possibly do.
A must-read for anyone hiking or running on the North Shore." - R.J.

"Anyone who’s interested in great descriptions and maps of the north shore mountains this is the book to get!"  - C.I.

"Superb: This is destined to be the definitive guide to the North Shore mountains of Vancouver for many years to come. It is incredibly comprensive, well-written and practical. All without sacrificing entertainment value. Highly recommended and will dramatically expand your understanding of (and appreciation for) the hidden world in our own backyard." - MV

"Excellent Read! A MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to explore the North Shore Mountains." - KC

"Hi David, just wanted to say how amazing the book you and the other authors wrote. Ive never read a more descriptive hiking book until I read yours. Ive always wanted to bag every North Shore mountains but sources for a complete list has always been lacking until now. Thank you for the amazing work and aswell to the other authors!" - N.B.

"Unbelievably thorough and comprehensive guide to the North Shore Mountains. This will go down as the bible for the mountains we lucky people call home. Do yourselves a favor and pick up this excellent, and fun packed read. Even those who have completed all routes will love it, as it brings back some memories of past trips. 10/10" - A.

"After getting my amazing “The Glorious Mountains of North Vancouver” book by...David Crerar, I have expanded my ideas of routes of our local mountains. This is one of the most thorough hiking guide books I have ever seen and it goes into incredible detail on the known and unknown routes of our local mountains." - RC

"Huge accomplishment: What an amazing book the authors have put together. It’s huge! The history is deep, the details are exhaustive, and the writing is entertaining. There’s so much to learn about the North Shore mountains in its pages. I’m going to be reading this tome for a long time." - SH

"10/10 hiking guide: This is by far the most detailed and well written hiking guide for the North Shore. Even obscure mountains that are rarely climbed have very specific instructions and multiple approaches written ensuring you have a safe journey. If you are serious about hiking on the North Shore this is a must have book!" - M

"Great descriptions and directions for all the amazing North Shore peaks. A must have if you want to explore Vancouver’s mountains." - TD

"Excellent book full of useful information for both outdoors types and people just wanting to know about the history area." AC

"Terrific guide book! An absolute must have for anyone who hikes on North Shore. A big thank you for including important information about each trail/peak for dog owners. Other guide books tell you to leave your dog at home but not this one." - R

"Excellent resource: Well written, hugely informative and complete with a pleasing amount of humour thrown in. Will become essential reading for anyone looking to bag some peaks on the north shore." - M.F.

I highly recommend David Crerar, Harry Crerar and Bill Maurer book, The Glorious Mountains of Vancouver’s North Shore for invaluable information and especially for Mt. Dickens. - DG

What a great book, full of information from trail but, what I like the most, the history of the mountains, the trails and the names they came from. Only turned few pages and I’m mesmerized by all the work it must took you to achieve that enormous summit book, probably way harder then all the work to hike those trials.

If you don’t have it, go get it! ...Thank you David Crerar Harry Crerar Bill Maurer for the great book! - ED

Wow... an opus of North Shore history, geography, and opportunities to have fun in the mountains.

Congrats on a fine job, David Crerar, Harry Crerar, Bill Maurer! - EJ

Everything you need to know about hiking in the North Shore Mountains of Vancouver in this glorious book.
Thank you David, Harry and Bill for putting it all together for us to enjoy. It’s a must have! - JF

“it is a great read.. I have it as my go to book on my desk at the moment for adventure planning, local history ... fantastic job on content and format.”


Wow, the wealth of knowledge here is immense. I haven't put this book down since I picked it up a month ago. Although I'm traditionally a trail runner, I find myself gravitating to big hikes in the mountains and this book is the perfect guide to assisting with route selection and preparation... something I enjoy and spend a fair bit of time with.

I also really appreciate the history of the North Shore having gazed at old maps in the past wondering the back story. This book fills that void. As well, I appreciate all the different ratings like "kid friendly", "dog friendly", "difficulty", "runnability" as well as estimates for time. Route link ups are great too as it gives me multiple options to explore many peaks. I enjoyed the book so much I purchased the digital copy as well to have it with me anywhere!

If you have any interest in hiking the North Shore and want current & comprehensive resource, this is a no brainer and must have in your library!


An absolutely fantastic book chock full of valuable information. A must have for anyone who spends time in the local mountains. - Julie F

A “glorious” book

This book is much needed for anyone who loves hiking and scrambling the mountains of the North Shore. It works equally well as a reference book (including guides for some lesser known peaks) and as a page turner (complete with great stories and histories of the mountains and the North Shore itself).

This book also makes a great gift. - TP

“an incredible resource - a masterpiece.”   - Michael F

A must-have!

A wonderful mix of practical advice and fascinating information to enhance your hikes. Something for everyone - the newbie hiker as well as the highly experienced. - IF